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Rachel’s Story –
I grew up in a family where drugs were sold and abuse was common.  My dad would come and go from prison, but things never changed.  The business was the priority and life was chaotic.  I was a good student, however, had friends and was involved in activities. After I started college family members started involving me in sex acts. I didn’t understand what exactly was happening to me until my case manager at Call to Freedom explained the realities of sex trafficking

I moved from my home town in South Dakota to a Sioux Falls shelter who referred me to Call to Freedom.  I was scared, sick and paranoid.  I would only talk to my case manager if we rode around in the car.  I needed a safe place and didn’t want to be tracked so I loved the option of Marissa’s House that Call to Freedom offered.  There was a code to get in, alarms and cameras –  safety!!  I met other women I could share with.  I got two part-time jobs, received medical care, worked on sobriety and went to a counselor.

After about six months at the house, my finances, health and self-esteem improved to where I felt comfortable in getting my own apartment. Call to Freedom helped me transition and continued to do case management with me. There are days I think I may have left too soon as I miss the day-to-day contact with staff and other residents and get a bit lonely, but I am comforted by their ongoing contact and open hearts.  If I hadn’t had the care and consistency Call to Freedom provided and still provides, I don’t know what would have happened to me.  I’m so glad I went on that ride with my case manager the first day I met her!

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