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Don’t let Kelsey Veurink fool you.

Her sweet exterior — complete with dimples — belies her tough interior.

As Call to Freedom’s Case Management Coordinator, Veurink oversees Marissa’s Project, CTF’s housing program. It’s a job of details, pulling together services specific to each survivor’s needs, but it also carries a responsibility to listen carefully.

“Survivor stories are hard to hear, but it’s important to truly listen to the women we serve and let them know that you’re not judgmental. Being believed is what they value most,” she says.

Veurink first earned her stripes in Texas where, following her marriage to husband Jordan and graduation from the University of Sioux Falls, she used her criminal justice and sociology degree to begin her career as a probation officer.

“I’ve seen everything,” she says. “You learn the importance of self-care pretty quickly.”

The newlyweds’ stint in Texas was purely for adventure’s sake so as Jordan wrapped up law school and the couple considered starting a family, moving closer to home was a natural step. Once back in the Sioux Falls area, Veurink transitioned to parole, working as an agent for the State of South Dakota. She quietly racked up nine years in the criminal justice system never thinking of another career.

Until the day CTF’s Executive Director Becky Rasmussen called.

“I attended one of CTF’s monthly luncheons and signed on as a volunteer, helping out however I could,” Veurink says. “But one day, walking into a halfway house to administer a drug test on a parolee, Becky called to ask if I would apply for this job. I walked back to my car without doing the test, I was caught so off-guard! After a lot of prayer, I realized that God was working on a new plan that I hadn’t even considered.”

Veurink came on board at the end of August and hasn’t looked back since.

“Helping survivors transition back into society takes time,” she says. “When clients begin to set their own goals and achieve them, I know we’re truly making progress. Being part of that is rewarding.”

Veurink and her husband have two daughters, Madelyn and Malia.

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