CommUnity Breakfast Update – May 2020

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Thank you for your past and continued support of Call to Freedom and those we serve. We know that even in these dire times, our clients still need us and they will still need us when this is all over. Last fall, our survivors created a Hope Wall. On it are Paper Mache Flowers with our survivor’s hopes for the future written on the inside. You may have seen this beautiful wall at our CommUnity Breakfast. Because of your generous support at the 2019 CommUnity Breakfast, we are able to maintain our staffing to help support the needs of our clients and the efforts being done all over the state.

Here at Call to Freedom, we have hope for the future for the clients we serve and those we will undoubtedly serve in the future. Your help is needed to continue our mission. Planning has begun for our 5th Annual Call to Freedom CommUnity Breakfast. We would love to have you join us as a guest or a table host on  October 14, 2020 at the Sioux Falls Convention Center. You will hear our vision for the future; you will hear from survivors who are benefiting from the help of Call to Freedom; and you will even get breakfast! For more information, visit

Kristen Thorkelson, Event Chair

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