How Eating Breakfast Can Make You a Hero

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Kristen Thorkelson knew she couldn’t just walk away.

The mother of two attended Call to Freedom’s CommUnity Breakfast several years ago as a guest of her husband’s aunt. She arrived with few expectations — already involved with other anti-trafficking efforts, Thorkelson was familiar with the problem.

Or so she thought.

She was shocked by what she learned. Her heart broke hearing how young most girls are when they’re recruited, the ways they’re manipulated, and the depths of their struggles when they arrive at Call to Freedom’s door.

She enthusiastically made a donation to support CTF’s work and that was that.

Except it wasn’t.

When CTF staff called the following week to thank Thorkelson for her generosity, she voiced the question that had been on her mind since the breakfast: how can I help?

the CommUnity Breakfast Steering Committee

Pictured above, the CommUnity Breakfast Steering Committee, left to right: Misten Langenfeld, Sheri Carmon, Julie Klinger, Deb Donyo, and Kristen Thorkelson. Not pictured: Denise Austad, Becky Rasmussen, Dawn Stenberg, and Ella Spitzer.

“I had to do it,” she says. “I kept thinking of my kids and how vulnerable they are. I just couldn’t look away from this.”

Thorkelson’s marketing and event planning background made her a seamless fit to head up the committee organizing this year’s CommUnity Breakfast, CTF’s annual fundraiser. The event — open to all — is slated for October 13th at 7 a.m. at the Sioux Falls Convention Center. There is no cost to attend.

Thorkelson is supported by eight women, all as dedicated as she. The group has set several goals for itself, but its top priority is garnering sponsorship dollars from area businesses, which they hope will be matched by the dollars raised at the breakfast.

“It’s overwhelming to hear what the women CTF serves have been through,” says Thorkelson. “But it’s good motivation to keep fighting.”

Thorkelson and her team are also seeking a minimum of 50 table hosts for the October event. Hosting comes with just one requirement — a willingness to bring nine friends to the breakfast—and is open to anyone with a heart for CTF’s mission. From college students to grandparents, men and women, hosting a table is an opportunity to join the fight against human trafficking.

To sign up, contact the CTF office at 261-1880 or email [email protected].


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