How We Help

We serve victims and survivors of human trafficking in Sioux Falls, throughout the Eastern Region and throughout the state of South Dakota.

Those we serve — many of whom arrive with only the clothes on their backs — rely on Call to Freedom to help them navigate a healthy path from victim to survivor.  Our case managers coordinate with local experts to tailor services to each client.  These include a combination of safety assessment, housing, transportation, medical care, counseling for trauma and addiction, education and employment help, and legal and advocacy support.

Working Together

Call to Freedom’s advocacy is changing laws and bringing awareness. We don’t do it alone! We’re thankful for our partnerships with local business leaders, law enforcement, legislators, and individuals and families who make it possible for us to fight human trafficking at every level.

Services Path

Report Suspected Human Trafficking

To report suspected tracking now call:

Call the National Human Trafficking Hotline:

Report via text message:
Text “HELP” or “INFO” to 233733

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Please fill out this form or call us at 605-261-1880 to connect right now.