As the Executive Director of Call to Freedom, I get a front row seat to transformation.

To hope taking root.

To lives being made new.

It’s a story I never tire of. In fact, with each client we serve, my resolve to champion survivors of human trafficking galvanizes further.

Getting up close does that to a gal.

But as our supporters, you don’t always get the same privilege. To effectively protect the vulnerable women we serve, their names, their faces, and their stories are mostly hidden from you.

I often wish you could meet each of these astounding survivors. I’m as proud as a momma over their resilience.

You would be too.

Thank you for trusting me to represent their stories. You’ve generously supported Call to Freedom, giving me the front row seat and faithfully taking the back row.

Today, I’d like you to pull up a chair next to me. Let’s leave the back row behind for a minute.

One of the precious women we serve shared some thoughts with me and has given me permission to share them with you. She writes —

It’s all about the journey. The path twists and turns, but it does that for a reason. God directs us all differently. For Moses, he sent a cloud. Jacob, he gave a ladder. Some people hear from him directly, and others feel they walk blindly.

For me, he gave Call to Freedom. I see everyone there as family. I feel that we are all walking this journey together. One woman came in quiet and serious, but today she is a shining light. Another came in distrustful, lacking support. CTF didn’t just meet that need; it built her up. She no longer suffers, but stands proudly.

At CTF, a client doesn’t just walk in and leave; she is now part of a team that will pray with her and make sure she is taken care of. CTF helps with everything.

Sometimes we are overwhelmed and in need of counseling. Other times we need a doctor—our medical needs were not even a priority before. And then there are those nights when we call just to know that someone will be there to listen to whatever it is that is bringing us down or to talk about things we find rewarding.

We are finally living.

Did you catch it? Right there at the end? The thing our clients have waited for has finally come.

LIFE. Abundant, promising LIFE.

Thank you for partnering with us to give such an invaluable gift to these women. It doesn’t happen without you.

Becky Rasmussen
Executive Director