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Healing to those impacted by trafficking

Call to Freedom is a trauma-informed nonprofit that provides comprehensive, ongoing, and coordinated support services for all individuals impacted by human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation.

We understand that physically exiting a trafficking situation is not the end of the journey, so our team walks with those we serve to help them overcome their past and start to thrive.

By providing safety, basic needs, a supportive housing site, medical assistance, transportation, and other specialized services, our staff pulls together the best community resources to make integration into the community as seamless as possible. We could not do this work alone. We’re thankful for our partnerships with local business leaders, law enforcement, legislators, and individuals and families who make it possible for us to fight human trafficking at every level.

“Those that we have served, it’s been amazing to watch them evolve into a new identity. And if we weren’t here, I’m not sure who would be helping, specializing in offering services for human trafficking.”

Becky Rasmussen, President & CEO

Call to Freedom Continuum of Care Model

Realizing the complex needs of those who have been victim to the trauma of human trafficking, Call to Freedom addresses human trafficking from all angles and is committed to be a constant throughout a client’s journey. Our Continuum of Care Model is shaped by survivors’ input to ensure holistic and meaningful care long term to every individual we serve.

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