“It shall come about on that day,’ declares the Lord of hosts, “that I will break his yoke from their neck and will tear off their bonds; strangers will no longer make them their slaves.”  Jeremiah 30:8

Prayer to expose human trafficking in our state for the 97% of victims never identified to find a way to freedom from this injustice.

Just as You helped Moses and Aaron in Exodus as they spoke boldly to Pharaoh on behalf of the Hebrew slaves in Egypt, help us speak up for modern-day slaves around the world. We pray that through our actions we can help bring an end to human trafficking. We seek your divine protection for all who are exploited and enslaved. We beseech you to release them from their chains, grant them protection, safety and empowerment, restore their dignity and provide them a new beginning. Help them receive the proper guidance, counseling, shelter and healing that is needed for them to overcome this violent act that was placed upon them. Amen

Prayer for our law enforcement and government officials to take action to intervene on behalf of victims and prosecute those who are trafficking and purchasing them.

You demand justice for Your children who have been wronged. Give strength to people who investigate and prosecute traffickers. Encourage them when they are weary. Give courage to survivors when they are asked to testify against their former captors. We pray for those who save and help the survivors of human trafficking that they work with success, compassion, mercy and support from their communities. Heavenly Father, you are a just God. Our very notion of justice comes from you. You are perfect and holy. You are without sin, and because of this, you require payment for sin. We ask for justice to come to those who traffic people. We ask for authorities to locate, arrest, prosecute, and sentence these lawbreakers. Amen

Prayer for those who are purchasing victims that they find healing from their behavior and addiction.

In Luke 15:7, Jesus said, “Just so, I tell you, there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who need no repentance.” Oh God, how hard it is to pray for our enemies. But you have called us to do just that. Jesus demonstrated this when he prayed for us and so we pray for those who purchase victims. We ask that you remove the sin that blinds them and open their eyes to the evil they commit. Amen

Prayer for those who are trafficking the victims that they would turn from their criminal ways and find freedom in Jesus.

In Luke 4:18, Jesus said He came “to set captives free.” Your Word says that you hold the king’s heart like a stream in your hand. So we ask that you would open the heart’s of these criminals so they turn from their sin and repent. We pray for your faith and salvation for them, that they would seek your forgiveness and find it. We pray that they would seek and receive forgiveness of those whom they have victimized. God, only you can do such a work. If you have done it in our lives, you can do it in theirs. Give the grace of conversion to those who enslave others for their own personal gain. We pray that they will stop these evil acts upon innocent lives. No one is too far for the reach of your gospel. Amen

Prayer for the work of Call to Freedom and those we serve. For communities to become aware of those most vulnerable; to take action to identify, respond and to serve those affected by human trafficking.

Your Word shows that you bring new joy and hope where previously there was only shame and fear. Help Call to Freedom be your strong tower and mighty fortress as we fight against the scourge of human trafficking. Give us the courage and wisdom to stand up against the evil that makes it possible for people to buy, sell and trade others. Give us the strength to stand in solidarity with survivors, that together we find a way to the freedom that is your gift to us all. We ask that you grant your blessing and favor to the survivors, giving them safety both physically and spiritually. For this we pray through our Lord Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever. Amen

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