Courtney has been a Call to Freedom’s Occupational Therapy Assistant for a over a year and a half and she absolutely loves the people she works with and the environment she works in.  But being able to walk alongside individuals on their journey helping them achieve the goals they set, is the reason she loves what she does.

Courtney always knew she wanted to help people strive to be as independent and successful as they can be, despite any hardships they have had to overcome, which is why she fell into Occupational Therapy.

Courtney and her boyfriend have a dog named Rick who is a friendly ball of energy that keeps them on their toes.  They enjoy traveling and exploring the world.  Their most recent traveling adventure was a road trip to Florida to visit family – yes, you read that right, they DROVE down to Florida!  She also enjoys cooking and baking some tasty food and trying out new recipes. The staff at Call to Freedom are always willing to try her yummy creations!