Bringing Philanthropy to Life: Helping to Heal & Empower Victims

Becky Rasmussen joined South Dakota Community Foundation’s (SDCF) Director of Development Jeff Veltkamp to discuss the critical care the organization provides.

Since 1987, the South Dakota Community Foundation has been bringing philanthropy to life for a stronger South Dakota by connecting generous people and charitable nonprofits in our state. This podcast features inspiring stories from donor, community, advisor, and nonprofit partners invested in creating an improved South Dakota for generations to come.

In this episode you will hear:

  • Statistics on human trafficking in South Dakota
  • Call to Freedom’s work to keep survivors from slipping through the cracks
  • The ways partnering with the South Dakota Community Foundation has helped their organization grow

“We want to see that every survivor has an opportunity to be safe. We as a community need to come together to say ‘your life is valued’,” shared Becky.

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