Various organizations around the world and here in KELOLAND are working hard to help victims of human trafficking escape their scenarios and start over.

Eight years ago, Mary came to Call to Freedom with one purpose. “I walked through the doors. I came in and I served,” Mary, Human Trafficking Survivor Mentor, said.

She wanted to work with victims of human trafficking. “I sat down with other human trafficking survivors, and I chatted with them. We developed like a friendship and going over there to see what they all needed. Through that course, I actually really connected with all of them, and I understood what they were saying,” Mary said.

Mary had a revelation while working with other survivors, one she shared with Executive Director Becky Rasmussen.

“A trafficker sees us as a commodity,” Mary said. “In my journey, and in my past, they were looking for a Midwestern girl, and they found it.” For the next several years she had no control over her life. All her decisions were made by her trafficker. “We don’t know what day-to-day is. We know what day to day is on how to survive for that day,” Mary said. This continued into Mary’s late 20’s. That’s when she finally escaped and traveled back home to South Dakota.

SIOUX FALLS, S.D (KELO) by:  – January 31, 2023